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20 t class efficiency and ease of handling.


Type Workingwidth
Operating weight
Bomag BF 800 P 2550 – 10000 135.0 Deutz 20000 – 20300

With paving widths of 2.50 m to 10 m, the BF 800 is ideal for medium to large-scale construction projects on motorways and major roads. This BOMAG paver is designed for high paving outputs: for example,on larger output jobs on local roads and inner city areas.

Driver‘s seat: with swivel and side-shift
Protection; dashboard
Hydraulic hinged roof
Digital display for machine management
Separate control of hopper wings
Cleaning kit
Hydraulic, height adjustable auger
Track scraper
L.C.S. Screed relief and traction increase system
Screed temperature control
Cast heating elements
Automatic screed heating
Hydraulic screed control
Crown adjustment
Six work lights
Side control of auger/scraper belts
6 x 6 all wheel drive
30 kVA generator
Socket 2 x 240 volt
Two proportionally controlled and reversible wear-resistant cast augers; screw blades separately replaceable
Two independent and reversible scraper belts; high-wear resistant plates
Hydraulic hopper front flap
Hydraulic/electric movable platform
Hydraulic crown adjustment
Hinged side plates
Heated side plates
Side windscreened platform
Seat warmer
Asphalt steam extraction
Biologically degradable hydraulic oil
Central lubrication system
L.C.S. half-sided
Optional paint finish
S 500 + S 600 extensions: 250 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm, 1250 mm
Reduction shoe
Edge shaper 45°/60°
Light balloon
Socket 2 x 240 volt
Levelling systems:
Height and cross-slope sensing by means of ultrasonic or mechanical sensors