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T110, ongoing progress in a compact package

1443 kg tipping load – 505 kg rated operating capacity

42 HP/31.2 kW power to weight ratio

2379 kg operating weight – easy transportation

State-of-the-art instrumentation and display panels plus an updated electronics package providing diagnostic capabilities

Significant lower bystander noise level at 101 dB(A) though EU Directive 2000/14/EC only requires 103 dB(A)

The new T110 is the smallest model in the compact tracked loaders portfolio. This small frame machine combines all the advantages of a compact loader with many new improvements to meet your requirements.
With small dimensions and light operating weight for easy transport from one job site to another, the compact T110 offers optimal flexibility and productivity.
High performance is ensured by unbeatable power to weight ratio (42 HP/31,2 kW) with the 4 cylinder V2403-M-DI-E3 KUBOTA natural aspirated engine; new hydraulic pumps and a dedicated pump for the charge system.
Fast cycle times result in increased productivity and profitability.
Spacious cab with excellent visibility, custom-developed headlights, easy-to-remove top and rear windows, a rigid domed roof, shock-absorbing mount cushions and a flex tube for the exhaust as well as enhanced seat bar configuration for improved access contribute to first class operator comfort.
The bystander noise level is significantly reduced to 101 dB while the EU Directive 2000/14/EC only requires 103 dB.
The T110 is equipped with a new instrument panel providing additional functions and state-of-the-art easily accessible diagnostic capabilities.
The transversely mounted engine and the swing-open tailgate offer optimum ease of maintenance. Access to standard service points has never been easier.
Strong frame construction offers increased strength and durability.
Thanks to a wide range of attachments and 52 l/min hydraulic flow, the T110 can handle a variety of construction, landscaping, agriculture, horticulture, rental, mining, demolition and military jobs and many more applications with ease.
Get even more with the Deluxe heated cab, the Power Bob-Tach™, the Deluxe instrument panel, the menu driven display, online help and the Master Password available as factory options.